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Nutrition labels: Read a little for a better life

Nutrition labels attached to food or beverage packages indicate the types and amounts of nutrients important to the body. Therefore, reading nutrition labels before purchasing food is important and should not be neglect. Because consumers can take the information on the label into consideration. To

Petroleum jelly a moisturizer that’s better than you think

Petroleum jelly is a clear, odorless oil obtained from the distillation process separated from crude oil. But because the process of decomposing petroleum jelly is expensive, it can be sold. Therefore, it is widely use in the beauty industry. Because it is cheap More than

Is Fruit Juice Really Good For Health?

Many people choose to drink fruit juice because of its sweet and refreshing taste. It is also believe to have the same health benefits as eating the whole fruit. But fruit juice may not always be the health-boosting drink you think. Because it may contain