Petroleum jelly a moisturizer that’s better than you think

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Petroleum jelly is a clear, odorless oil obtained from the distillation process separated from crude oil. But because the process of decomposing petroleum jelly is expensive, it can be sold. Therefore, it is widely use in the beauty industry. Because it is cheap More than natural wax and have similar properties

But petroleum jelly can be safely use on the skin. Must go through a purification process many times. And every time there must be a thorough quality inspection process. to make sure Free from contamination or toxic residue from various heavy metals. It is best for consumers to avoid products containing petroleum jelly that have not been certified by global health and drug agencies. It is also a dangerous ingredient that the NIH prohibits from eating or drinking.

Petroleum jelly is another ingredient that everyone has probably used. It is often found in many beauty products such as lip balm, skin cream, sunscreen, makeup remover, hair care products, hair conditioner, nail care, etc. It has properties that help in coating the skin. Cannot dissolve in water It helps to retain moisture for the skin and lips very well. Reduce irritation Including helping to heal wounds caused by fires, scalds, and blisters. It is consider to have many beneficial properties that make petroleum jelly It has become a popular ingredient in the medical and beauty product world.

Can be use for many purposes, Add moisture from head to toe

Most people use petroleum jelly to nourish dry lips and skin. But the properties of creating moisture and locking water in the skin can be applies to other parts of the body as well, such as

– Use to nourish hair to reduce the problem of dry, split ends or easily broken hair.

– Used to solve the problem of dry, cracked heels  Just soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt. Then pat your feet dry and apply petroleum jelly to the dry, cracked heels. Ready to wear socks to prevent petroleum jelly from staining the floor or objects. When done regularly, it may help dry, cracked heels. Soft and moisturized

– Used to nourish nails, coat nails, and restore nails from getting manicures too often.

– Apply to the skin in areas that often rub against causing pain or wounds, such as the back of the ankle above the heel that often rubs against shoes causing problems, shoe bites. 

– Relieves dryness, cracking and inflammation from Various types of inflammatory skin diseases and psoriasis

– Ease the pain of hemorrhoids by applying petroleum jelly to your anus. To help reduce friction during excretion.

Use in certain situations, such as: 

– Apply it to the skin before coloring your hair or getting your nails done to reduce the chance of the dye catching on to the skin.

– Use instead of cleanser to remove makeup.

– Apply to skin before spraying perfume. This may help the perfume last longer.

– Used to lubricate things. Like when you can’t take off your ring.

Although petroleum jelly can be use in many situations. But you should study the correct way to use it and use it carefully.