Is Fruit Juice Really Good For Health?

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Many people choose to drink fruit juice because of its sweet and refreshing taste. It is also believe to have the same health benefits as eating the whole fruit. But fruit juice may not always be the health-boosting drink you think. Because it may contain as much sugar as soft drinks, and if you drink too much it can cause health problems as well.

Drinking juice or extracts from fresh fruits or vegetables will definitely give you full vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. However, The good dietary fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables. Is lost during juicing, even though that fiber is the health benefits that. We should get from eating fresh pieces of fruit and vegetables. 

Some people believe that drinking fruit juice extracts is better than eating fruits and vegetables in pieces. Because it is thought that it will make the body absorb nutrients better. And makes the digestive system not have to work as hard Boosts the immune system, removes toxins, and aids digestion. and helps lose weight

Facts about drinking fruit juice

For those who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices may help you replace some vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.  However, โปรโมชั่น ufabet eating whole fruits can provide more benefits. Because fruit juice has inferior nutritional value to fruit pulp as follows:

Higher in calories One glass of unsweetened orange juice, or about 250 milliliters, provides about 100 calories, while one orange provides about 60 calories, because making juice requires a lot of fruit. It also does not help you feel full like eating fruits that provide dietary fiber. People who drink fruit juice tend to have higher calorie intake than those who eat whole fruit.

High in sugar: Fruit juices are as high in sugar as soft drinks. 350 milliliters of soft drink containing 140 calories contains 40 grams of sugar, while the same amount of apple juice contains 165 calories. 39 grams of sugar, which consuming drinks with a lot of sugar will result in higher levels high blood sugar up quickly Even healthy people may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity . People with diabetes should avoid drinking fruit juice to prevent symptoms from worsening.

Low in dietary fiber: Fruit juices contain very little dietary fiber compared to fresh fruits. And if it’s fruit juice that has been process in many steps, there may not be any dietary fiber left.

Contains food additives: Do not believe the label on the package that says it is 100 percent real fruit juice because during the long storage process before it is producesd, Most fruit juices will lose their flavor. Manufacturers therefore often have to add food additives such as artificial flavors and flavors.

How to choose to drink fruit juice to get the benefits?

People who like or choose to drink fruit juice instead of eating fresh fruits and vegetables should control the amount to the right amount. They should not drink more than 1 small glass per day or 150 ml. and drink with meals and brush their teeth every time. Because fruit juice is high in sugar, it risks causing tooth decay. Also, choose to drink fruit juice that is sure to be fresh and has nutritional value as follows.

Freshly squeeze juice: But it must be squeeze without heat. In order not to lose nutritional value The juice that has gone through this process will retain more freshness. And contain more minerals and vitamins. Consumers can also be confident that no sugar has been add sweetener Or any flavor additives. If you buy smoothies or freshly squeezed fruit juices from a store. You should order them less sweet or without added sugar. And may drink mixed with various types of fruits and vegetables to increase nutritional value.

Smoothie drinks: It is a blend of vegetables, fruits, and many ingredients together such as milk, yogurt, protein, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. It is a good choice to help turn the vegetables or fruits you don’t like into delicious dishes. And have health benefits If you normally don’t like the stench of green leafy vegetables. Spinach can be blend with fragrant berries or peaches to mask the green flavor. Follow with milk or yogurt. Mix a little honey. And you should choose low-fat natural yogurt. Including controlling the amount of fruits that are high in sugar such as bananas. And other ingredients as well because it may cause you to get too many calories.