Bend over and get a headache know the cause and the correct way to deal with it

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Bend over and get a headache or headaches that occur after leaning the head forward or when looking up It is a symptom that may cause many people to worry about whether something is wrong within their own body or not. Especially in those whose symptoms occur suddenly and for no known reason. Learning about possible causes and ways to deal with them should help people with symptoms manage themselves better.

Headaches are symptoms that occur frequently, especially in the digital age where people stare at screens more than at each other dizziness Or headaches can often occur, but in people who bend their heads and have a headache, when they look up or turn to the side, their head feels heavy and pounding. This makes you wonder what exactly the headache is causing. Let’s just say UFABET it’s better to check. Look down and have a headache. What disease does it tell me?

Stress: Especially people who have to work with computers. or doing paperwork that requires bending the neck for a long time They also use their eyes and brain to work hard. There may be pain in the neck. Pain in the back of the neck and a throbbing, heavy pain in the head. This symptom is mainly cause by stress on the muscles at the neck. When turning or bending forward or looking up, headaches and pain in the back of the neck can worsen.

Sinusitis: For headaches when bowing your head and changing positions Feeling a dull ache in the forehead area. Touching your forehead will feel hot, or some people may have pain in their eye sockets, cheekbones. Or feel like they have pain in their upper teeth. Along with cold symptoms, nasal congestion, continuous runny nose or continuous coughing and sneezing, and decreased efficiency of smell. It may be assum that it is sinusitis. Because sinuses are air spaces that surround our nasal cavities on both the left and right sides. If the sinuses are abnormal The mucus produces in the sinuses cannot be drain out. It may cause a headache when looking down. Or you can look up as well.

Abnormalities of the cerebrospinal fluid system: If you have a headache when lying down, standing, or when you move your head and neck. And have frequent headaches like this. It may be assume that there is an abnormality in the fluid in the brain and spinal cord or abnormalities in the neck bone can occur If the headache doesn’t go away when you bend your head or move your head. It is recommend that you see a doctor immediately to determine the cause and receive immediate treatment.

How to deal with bending and headaches

Initially, people who have a headache when bending over may try applying the following self-care methods. To help relieve pain include:

– Try to drink enough water. or about 6–8 glasses per day

– Get enough sleep. Or at least about 7 hours.

– Control stress,  for example by choosing to play sports or do hobbies you like to relax.

– Eliminate time spent using various electronic devices such as phones, televisions, and computers.